Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Fun!

Halloween Fun is the name of this set and it is such a perfect name! The colors are Autumn Terracotta, Black, Pansy Purple and White Daisy. All of the cardstock has been crumpled then flattened out again. The large Pansy Purple piece was further distressed by running the Black ink pad over the cardstock while it was still somewhat crumpled.

The Happy Haunting phrase on the bottom of the card was first stamped in Black then stamped again just to the side in Autumn Terracotta. It seemed odd, but stamping it first in the Autumn Terracotta then stamping to the side in Black gives it a totally different look! I was surprised. It is a fun little effect for a Halloween card though.

The card was then finished off with two strips of hemp around the Black piece of cardstock.

Hope everyone had a Haunting Halloween!! =)

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